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Compliance Management System Solution in india

COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION [CMS]is part of our robust , multi-user, user-friendly, most-economical ERP product , the mediumRP. It is a unique system, which can regulate, monitor & control an organization's PROCESS & RESULT Key Business Factors.

With CMS, an organization can create 'n' number of scopes & associate it with checklist created by process experts and subsequently audit the organization with these scope & checklists.Type your paragraph here.

In any organization, the processes are defined & aligned towards either "PROCESS" or "RESULTS". Such defined PROCESS or RESULT parameter are set with long term or short term goals. These goals are further subjected to AUDITs on periodical or internal or external or surveillance audits.

Apart from regular process like customers, vendors or operational PROCESSES, PROCESS can be ISO, TS, TBEM,BIS, HSE, Assets, Equipments, Safety etc., The Audit programs are further set to these PROCESS or RESULTS, which are done by various internal or external agencies. These are also done by GST, Statutory, Bank , FII, Investors, Pre-Despatch Inspection or any such stakeholder of the business.

The Product

In CMS, based on PROCESS or RESULT, the organization can define AUDIT SCOPEs and CHECKLISTs. These can be set according to the stakeholder conducting the audit in line with the PROCESS or RESULT, which is subjected to AUDIT.

Importantly, such AUDIT SCOPE is defined with KEY BUSINESS FACTORS, its answers, KEY RESULT SCORE defined, Profit Target, Loss Target, Expense Target, Value Target & Volume Targets. It also requires the CHECKLIST that has to be mapped along with .

A lead auditor or auditor can issue a AUDIT PLAN based on these PROCESS or RESULT Audit. The AUDIT PLAN emphasizes on specific DATE , FROM TIME & TO TIME. These AUDIT PLAN can be published as a calendar or a report , which can be printed or saved as PDF and circulated. Then the auditors can DO AUDIT on the assigned DATE, FROM TIME & TO TIME, based on these plans and record OBSERVATIONS with OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT, STRENGTH, SITE ISSUES, AREA TO ADDRESS, NC, PA & CA.

More importantly, it requires to the Auditor to record the NON-VALUE-ADDED ACTIVITY of the AUDITEE. This enables the organization to function more effectively , without wasting any of its resources on such NON-VALUE-ADDED ACTIVITY or even to find out resource over run.

Here Auditor has to also answer the CHECKLISTs, which in turn roll-up the scores against each question, which were previously defined by the organization.

After AUDIT OBSERVATIONS, LEAD AUDITOR has the privilege of sending it for REAUDIT or accepting it.

If there is a REAUDIT, the system will publish it under the AUDIT SCHEDULE again for DO AUDIT again. If it has been accepted by LEAD AUDITOR, the audit report would appear with rolled-up SCORE.

Take out a report with whole organizational score for a particular AUDIT ID.

A comprehensive, precise & brief tool to keep the organization climbing the efficiency ladder !