ERP Software For Small Business In India

simpliRP retail

Best For Distributors / Wholesalers / Traders

Covers your complete Business Transactions. Strict control on your Receipts & Payments. Barcode, Customer Based Intelligent Pricing. And much more...

ERP Software for MSME in india

Best For MSMEs

Monitors your Sub-Contracts, Job-Works, Customer Orders, QA Inspection, Route Cards, Productivity Entries, ISO Processes & Item Trace-ability. Keep tap on GST Reports, Customer Receipts & Supplier Payments And much more...

ERP Software for MSME in india

Best For SMEs

Covers your entire organization processes. From Enquiries to Quotation, Sales Orders to Rate Contracts, PR to Vendor Quotations, Rate Contracts, Procurement to Payments, From Invoices to Receipts . And much more...

We Understand Your Day-To-Day Business Pain Points!

At OSDB Solutions, we have varied experiences in manufacturing, production lines, tool rooms and IT, especially ERP / BPM industry. Indian Industry has 750 Million of MSMEs / SMEs. We, initially, gone through a series of brainstorming. And those questions what the Indian Industry has been itching to ask and has been finding it difficult to find the solutions.

erp software for sme in india
ERP Software for MSME in india


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ERP Software for MSME in india




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